Elementary School Technology

Welcome to the technology learning labs at the elementary schools in Fair Lawn!

Our elementary technology team consists of the following teachers:



Ms. Burdel

Milnes and Warren Point 

Mrs. Hennion

Lyncrest and Radburn 

Mrs. Latrella

Warren Point   

Mrs. Mottola 

Forrest and Westmoreland 

Students in grades K-4 at all six elementary schools attend Technology class once a week for a 34-minute session.  The elementary curriculum is tailored to each grade level and comprises three major areas:  computer application skills, coding, and digital citizenship.  

Kindergarten students will be exposed to technology concepts through hands-on coloring activities, educational videos, storybooks, and interactive SmartBoard activities.  Through paper and pencil activities, emphasis will be placed on following directions, learning letter formation and sounds, and developing fine motor skills for mouse control.  It is appropriate for students to use a one-finger approach to touch keys on the keyboard once they learn to log on as the year progresses.

Grade 1 is introduced to the parts of a computer, log on/off procedures with usernames and passwords, mouse skills, educational games, and beginner coding activities.  Emphasis is on recognizing upper and lower case letters, leading toward developing independence for basic computer navigation.  Students should learn to use either the right or left hand when touching the keys, so as not to cross the midline.

Students in grade 2 learn the skill of touch typing on a keyboard using TypingClub, as it is developmentally appropriate at this age for students to learn to use the correct finger to strike each key.  Educational games, digital citizenship lessons, and coding activities are infused through various applications and user-friendly websites.  

In the spiraled curriculum in grades 3 and 4, proper keyboarding techniques are reinforced, coding activities continue, and students learn a variety of computer applications using G-Suite programs (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides).  Proper digital etiquette is encouraged as students learn to become responsible digital citizens in today's dynamic world.

New Jersey Student Learning Assessment (NJSLA) will be administered in the Spring of 2023 for students in grades 3 and 4.  During technology, students will be exposed to the online platform of these standardized tests for both ELA and Math through tutorials and/or practice tests.

Elementary technology instruction is based on New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Students in grades 2-4 are welcome to practice touch typing skills at home using the link for Typing Club on the school homepage by signing in with Google.