Genesis Features for Parents

Parents and Guardians now have the ability to edit/update their contact information in the Genesis Portal (CONTACTS tab). Rather than print and edit the Emergency Contact Information page, you can now edit your contact information directly on the portal. Please note that although this information will update immediately in our database, the updated information will not display on the Emergency Contact Form until the reports update each weekend.

Attendance notifications can now be posted in the Genesis Portal, instead of calling the school. Parents/Guardians can now post their child’s absence via the Genesis portal (ONLY Portal Accounts registered to a Parent/Guardian will have this enabled). See the Directions to Post Absence on the Genesis portal for more details.

Genesis Portal Registration

When you register your child in Fair Lawn schools, the email you provide will AUTOMATICALLY be used to create a Genesis Portal Account for the parent/guardian. Once a week, emails are sent to new accounts with directions to login and a document explaining the various screens on the portal.

Students (gr 6-12) with a Fair Lawn Google Account will have a Genesis STUDENT Portal account automatically created, using the same username/password.
If you have questions about your Genesis Portal account, please email the Fair Lawn Genesis Help Desk (Email Help Desk )