Department Philosophy

The Fine Arts Department is dedicated to fostering a love for art in every student, nurturing their creativity, and building confidence through personal expression. The exposure to a wide range of artistic experiences helps students develop a deep appreciation for the arts and encourages them to explore their unique perspectives. By providing a supportive and inclusive environment, the arts empower students to express themselves freely and confidently, both as individuals and as members of a creative community. The curriculum is designed to inspire imagination and lay a strong foundation for lifelong engagement with the arts. As young artists develop over time, so too does our program. Our courses provide the opportunity to grow aesthetically; to develop and expand a critical awareness of their cultural heritage; and to acquire the skills needed to distinguish the fine from the mundane. The intent is to help students increase their perception and awareness of the environment, to encourage an imaginative and creative approach to problem solving, and to develop self-discipline and confidence.



Elementary Art Department

Ms. Elizabeth Galligan
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Ms. Jennifer Curran
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Warren Point/Lyncrest

Ms. Amanda Cimino
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Middle School Art Department

Ms. Nicole Arencibia
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Memorial Middle School

Ms. Alison Bourhill
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Memorial Middle School

Ms. Frankie Heidkamp
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Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Mr. Kenji Yamashita
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Thomas Jefferson Middle School