Research is an online research management tool which also teaches students the essential components of the research process. This research management tool allows the user to direct their individual research process from the essential questions and thesis statement to creating citations and note cards and culminating in outlines and rough drafts. Tutorials accompany the user through every step in the process and collaboration is provided online between the user and instructor and among students. Users learn how to search for materials intelligently, assess the quality of results, create essential questions and thesis statements, record, organize and synthesize information using online note-cards, and format a bibliography in MLA, APA, or Chicago/Turabian style.

Noodletools is now integrated with Google Apps for Education. Once you're logged into Google Drive or mail through your fairlawnsds account, you'll find the Noodletools icon on the apps launcher (click "More" and scroll down) and you can log in from there.

Alternately, you can access Noodletools directly by clicking here.