Attendance Office

Note: Parents must call if a student will be late to school or absent

Please follow the procedures listed below. Policies are found in the Student Planner under Attendance Policies and Absence Reporting Procedures

  1. When a student is absent from school, parents are to call the Attendance Office at 201-794-5450 ext. 1014 or report the absence in the genesis parent portal as soon as possible. Please leave a voicemail if you do not get through to a person. Upon returning to school following an illness, students are to submit a parent note within 2 days.

  2. When a student becomes ill during the school day a parent or guardian must sign the student out after consulting with the school nurse. This may be accomplished in person, by phone or by fax with specific instructions as to how the student will be transported home.

  3. Upon returning to school following an illness, students are to submit only medical documentation (if a doctor has been consulted). Undocumented absences will count toward the attendance limit.

  4. In extenuating circumstances (death in family, family business, court appearances, college visits etc.) an official note must be provided in order for the absence to be considered in course credit denial situations.

  5. All notes are to be submitted to the attendance office.

  6. For long term illness or exemptions from physical education, please contact the school nurse. Physician’s notes excusing students from gym must have a diagnosis and a specific date of return. The physician can always extend dates if necessary. If the student is to use crutches or a wheelchair, the physician must include this in the gym excuse note.

  7. Unverified absences (no parental contact) will be recorded as class cuts/truancies.