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Permission to Publish Student Images/Work

Parent/Guardian/Student Permission to Publish Student Work and/or Images


Original student work product, including but not limited to, written text, photographs, videotape, film or sound recordings, created by the student as part of a class project and/or other assignment, may appear in student projects such as websites or videotapes, and may be published as part of a school-sponsored website, newsletter, and/or visual presentation, and may also be included in the public news media.  Such publications or websites will not be used for commercial purposes.


Please be advised that students may be asked to complete assignments in the form of websites, and/or student work may be included as part of classroom and school-sponsored websites.  Such websites may be published on the World Wide Web and will therefore be available to a potentially limitless global audience.  All such websites must comply with the published guidelines established by the Board of Education.  Please review the attached guidelines with your child.


Parental/Guardian consent is required for the publication of all student work and/or for the publication of student pictures or images when such pictures or images clearly identify individuals.   Parental/Guardian consent is also required for student participation in providing online information for educational related classroom assignments.  (Students and parents are to use caution and good judgment when personally identifiable information appears on a website.)   Please check the Technology and Application Permission form to indicate your consent.  If you wish to provide consent only for the publication of your child’s work and not for the publication of his/her picture or image, or vice-versa, you may do so by checking the appropriate statement.