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Child Study Team

The Child Study Team (CST) in each school may be comprised of a school psychologist, school social worker, and/or a learning disabilities teacher consultant. Each school within the district is serviced by a full team.

Referrals made by teachers, parents, or related school personnel who believe that a child may require an evaluation. Once a referral is received, the Child Study Team will evaluate the student to determine if special services are warranted. Once an evaluation has been conducted, members of the Child Study Team meet with parents and teachers to determine whether or not the child is eligible for special services.

If a student is in need of special services, team members work with parents, teachers, administrators and other professionals to develop an appropriate Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.) for the student.

Please contact the Child Study Team in your child's school, if you have specific issues or concerns that you would like to address.

SCHOOL NAME  Child Study Team:  PHONE:
Ms. Danielle Aliotta
Mrs. Sara Burns
Ms. Melissa O'Carroll
Ms. Jacqueline Freedman
Ms. Lauren Molnar (Behaviorist)

201.794.5500 ext 7053
201.794.5500 ext 7051
201.794.5500 ext 7057
201.794.5500 ext 7050
201.794.5500 ext 7072

 Forrest Ms. Deb Donnelly
Ms. Meryl Rothschild
Dr. Lily Shinkar

 201.794.5565 ext 3008


Ms. Deb Donnelly
Ms. Melissa O'Carroll
Dr Lily Shinkar

201.794.5555 ext 3625
201.794.5555 ext 3618
201.794.5555 ext 3615
 Milnes School

Mrs. Susan Brosnick
Ms. Christine Murphy
Mrs. Dana Tartaglia

201.794.5550 ext 4139

Mrs. Susan Brosnick
Ms. Christine Murphy
Ms. Meryl Rothschild

201.794.5480 ext 8006
201.794.5480 ext 8004
201.794.5480 ext 8005
Warren Point

Ms. Katie Wiseman
Ms. Melissa O'Carroll
Dr. Janette Fletcher

201.794.5570 ext 5156
201.794.5570 ext 5157
201.794.5570 ext 5155

Ms. Sara Burns
Dr. Janette Fletcher
Mrs. Dana Tartaglia

201.794.5490 ext 5746
 Memorial Middle School

Ms. Katie Wiseman
Ms. Jen Fucci
Ms. Arlene Mitchell
Ms. Meryl Rothschild
Ms. Eileen Yeager (SAC)

201.794.5470 ext 4501
Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Ms. Catherine Berezansky
Ms. Tara Walsh
Ms. Alison Stratthaus
Ms. Eileen Yeager (SAC)

201.703.2240 ext 6241
 Fair Lawn High School

Ms. Shannon Campbell/Tori Russo
Ms. Alyse Meltzer/Rhoda Irodia
Ms. Carrie Folgel/Kristen Alonso
Mr. Michael Russomanno
Dr. Victoria Wacha
Ms. Sara Zuckerman

201.794.5450 ext 2019

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