Summer Assignments
Summer Assignments are posted here
This is the image for the news article titled Summer Assignments are posted hereSummer READING assignments are posted here:

Click the link below to access the summer MATH assignments, based on the grade/math class your child will be ENTERING in 2017-18.  Click here to view the folder with all Summer Math assignments.

Entering Gr 1             
Entering Geometry CP - HS
Entering Gr 2             Entering Geometry Honors
Entering Gr 3   
Entering Algebra 1 CP - HS 
Entering Gr 4      Entering Algebra 2 CP
Entering Gr 5 Entering Alg 2 Honors - HS 
Entering Pre-Calculus CP
MIDDLE SCHOOL   Entering Pre Calculus Honors 
Entering Gr 6    Entering Calculus (all levels) - HS 
Entering Math 7      
Entering Pre Algebra 7     
Entering Pre Algebra 8     
Entering Algebra 1 MS    
Entering Algebra 2 MS