Fair Lawn Summer Reading

The Fair Lawn Language Arts Department is excited to share our Summer Reading Initiative for all students based on feedback from the school community and a partnership with our school and public libraries.  By providing students freedom to select their own books (with some professional guidance), we hope to promote an engaging and meaningful summer reading experience for our students.

In short, our aim is to keep students connected to reading habits and comprehension skills that were practiced throughout the school year.  However, our ultimate goal is to create an opportunity for students to visit a library or bookstore (in person or through the Internet) as we entice students to read outside of school and to promote life-long reading interests and skills.  Let’s not forget, reading is incredibly important.  Research suggests that reading a high volume of texts increases reading achievement.  When reading becomes a person’s pastime, a new world of high interest enjoyment and skill development emerges.

In Grades 6-11, where students have an actual summer reading assignment, please notice our venture for middle and high school students to create double-entry journal notes on one of their summer reading selections. 

In Grade 12, students should prewrite and draft a personal essay in response to one of the 2018-2019 College Common Application Essay Prompts.  When seniors enter school in September, the summer writing draft will be collected and assessed as prewriting for the first major essay completed during the first marking period. 

In closing, thank you for making summer time for literacy skills.  In the Fair Lawn School District, we celebrate as a community of readers and writers!

The formal summer reading assignment that was reviewed in English classrooms in June is linked in the left margin.  In addition, please visit the grade-specific links below to see suggested titles provided by our school and public libraries.  We encourage parents and guardians to support the student book selection process.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Gary Pankiewicz

K-12 Language Arts & Literacy Supervisor


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